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March 2012 - Volume 11, Issue 1
Table of Contents
Research article
Acute Effects of Three Different Stretching Protocols on the Wingate Test Performance
Bruno L. Franco, Gabriel R. Signorelli, Gabriel S. Trajano, Pablo B. Costa, Carlos G. de Oliveira
2012, 11(1), 1-7

Research article
Constraint-Led Changes in Internal Variability in Running
Anita Haudum, Jürgen Birklbauer, Josef Kröll, Erich Müller
2012, 11(1), 8-15

Research article
A Biomechanical Assessment of Ergometer Task Specificity in Elite Flatwater Kayakers
Neil Fleming, Bernard Donne, David Fletcher, Nick Mahony
2012, 11(1), 16-25

Research article
High-Volume Resistance Training Session Acutely Diminishes Respiratory Muscle Strength
Daniel A. Hackett, Nathan A. Johnson, Chin-Moi Chow
2012, 11(1), 26-30

Research article
Short-Term Jump Activity on Bone Metabolism in Female College-Aged Nonathletes
Kohei Kishimoto, Ryan P. Lynch, Jamie Reiger, Vanessa R. Yingling
2012, 11(1), 31-38

Research article
Views of Adolescent Female Youth on Physical Activity During Early Adolescence
Hope E. Yungblut, Robert J. Schinke, Kerry R. McGannon
2012, 11(1), 39-50

Research article
The Effect of Tele-Monitoring on Exercise Training Adherence, Functional Capacity, Quality of Life and Glycemic Control in Patients With Type II Diabetes
Tracy Marios, Neil A. Smart, Sara Dalton
2012, 11(1), 51-56

Research article
Validation of the Mywellness Key in Walking and Running Speeds
Marco Bergamin, Andrea Ermolao, John C. Sieverdes, Marco Zaccaria, Silvano Zanuso
2012, 11(1), 57-63

Research article
Tactical Determinants of Setting Zone in Elite Men's Volleyball
Jose Afonso, Francisca Esteves, Rui Araújo, Luke Thomas, Isabel Mesquita
2012, 11(1), 64-70

Research article
Effects of Motorized vs Non-Motorized Treadmill Training on Hamstring/Quadriceps Strength Ratios
Kelly A. Franks, Lee E. Brown, Jared W. Coburn, Robert D. Kersey, Martim Bottaro
2012, 11(1), 71-76

Research article
Kinematic Changes During a Marathon for Fast and Slow Runners
Maggie Chan-Roper, Iain Hunter, Joseph W. Myrer, Dennis L. Eggett, Matthew K. Seeley
2012, 11(1), 77-82

Research article
Different Circulating Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor Responses to Acute Exercise Between Physically Active and Sedentary Subjects
Yu Nofuji, Masataka Suwa, Haruka Sasaki, Atsushi Ichimiya, Reiko Nishichi, Shuzo Kumagai
2012, 11(1), 83-88

Research article
Is the Critical Running Speed Related to the Intermittent Maximal Lactate Steady State?
Ricardo D. de Lucas, Naiandra Dittrich, Rubens B. Junior, Kristopher M. de Souza, Luiz Guilherme A. Guglielmo
2012, 11(1), 89-94

Research article
Parental Predictors of Physical Inactivity in Spanish Adolescents
Eva Sanz-Arazuri, Ana Ponce-de-León-Elizondo, María Ángeles Valdemoros-San-Emeterio
2012, 11(1), 95-101

Research article
A Comparison of Pairs Figure Skaters in Repeated Jumps
William A. Sands, Wendy L. Kimmel, Jeni R. McNeal, Steven Ross Murray, Michael H. Stone
2012, 11(1), 102-108

Research article
The Effects of Man-Marking on Work Intensity in Small-Sided Soccer Games
Jake K. Ngo, Man-Chung Tsui, Andrew W. Smith, Christopher Carling, Gar-Sun Chan, Del P. Wong
2012, 11(1), 109-114

Research article
Reliability and Validity of a Wireless Microelectromechanicals Based System (Keimove™) for Measuring Vertical Jumping Performance
Bernardo Requena, Inmaculada García, Francisco Requena, Eduardo Saez-Saez de Villarreal, Mati Pääsuke
2012, 11(1), 115-122

Research article
The Relationship Between Teaching Styles and Motivation to Teach Among Physical Education Teachers
Vello Hein, Francis Ries, Francisco Pires, Agnese Caune, Judit Heszteráné Ekler, Arunas Emeljanovas, Irena Valantiniene
2012, 11(1), 123-130

Research article
Validity of the Brunel Mood Scale for use With Malaysian Athletes
Mohamad Faizal Lan, Andrew M. Lane, Jolly Roy, Nik Azma Hanin
2012, 11(1), 131-135

Research article
Comparison of Pathway and Center of Gravity of the Calcaneus on Non-Involved and Involved Sides According to Eccentric and Concentric Strengthening in Patients With Achilles Tendinopathy
JaeHo Yu, GyuChang Lee
2012, 11(1), 136-140

Research article
Confirmation of the Basic Psychological Needs in Exercise Scale (BPNES) With a Sample of People who do Healthy Exercise
Juan A Moreno-Murcia, Celestina Martínez-Galindo, Víctor Moreno-Pérez, Pablo J. Marcos, Fernanda Borges
2012, 11(1), 141-146

Research article
Candidate Gene Analysis in Israeli Soldiers With Stress Fractures
Ran Yanovich, Eitan Friedman, Roni Milgrom, Bernice Oberman, Laurence Freedman, Daniel S. Moran
2012, 11(1), 147-155

Research article
The Effect of a Silicone Swim Cap on Swimming Performance in Tropical Conditions in Pre-Adolescents
Olivier Hue, Olivier Galy
2012, 11(1), 156-161

Research article
A Gender-Based Kinematic and Kinetic Analysis of the Snatch Lift In Elite Weightlifters in 69-Kg Category
Erbil Harbili
2012, 11(1), 162-169

Research article
Metabolic Demands of Match Performance in Young Soccer Players
Alper Aslan, Caner Acikada, Alpay Güvenç, Hasan Gören, Tahir Hazir, Asaf Özkara
2012, 11(1), 170-179

Letter to editor
High Prevalence of Patellar and Achilles Tendinopathies in Futsal Athletese
Michele Abate, Cosima Schiavone, Vincenzo Salini
2012, 11(1), 180-181

Letter to editor
Validation of The Oxycon Mobile Metabolic System in Healthy Subjects
Marco A. Akkermans, Maurice J.H. Sillen, Emiel F.M. Wouters, Martijn A. Spruit
2012, 11(1), 182-183

Letter to editor
Cervical Spine Anomalies: A Contraindication to Sports?
Adelheid Steyaert
2012, 11(1), 184-185

Book review
Nicola Maffulli - J. Borms, M. Hebbelinck, A.P. Hills, T. Noakes
2012, 11(1), 186

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