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December 2012 - Volume 11, Issue 4
Table of Contents
Review article
Concerns Regarding Hair Cortisol as a Biomarker of Chronic Stress in Exercise and Sport Science
Markus Gerber, Serge Brand, Magnus Lindwall, Catherine Elliot, Nadeem Kalak, Christian Herrmann, Uwe Pühse, Ingibjörg H. Jonsdottir
2012, 11(4), 571-581

Research article
The Influence of External Perturbations on Running Kinematics and Muscle Activity Before and After Accommodation
Anita Haudum, Jürgen Birklbauer, Erich Müller
2012, 11(4), 582-591

Research article
Alteration of Muscle Function After Electrical Stimulation Bout of Knee Extensors and Flexors
Marc Vanderthommen, Mylène Triffaux, Christophe Demoulin, Jean-Michel Crielaard, Jean-Louis Croisier
2012, 11(4), 592-599

Research article
Acute Effects of Static Stretching, Dynamic Exercises, and High Volume Upper Extremity Plyometric Activity on Tennis Serve Performance
Ertugrul Gelen, Muhittin Dede, Bergun Meric Bingul, Cigdem Bulgan, Mensure Aydin
2012, 11(4), 600-605

Research article
Differences between the Vastus Lateralis and Gastrocnemius Lateralis in the Assessment Ability of Breakpoints of Muscle Oxygenation for Aerobic Capacity Indices During an Incremental Cycling Exercise
Bangde Wang, Guodong Xu, Qingping Tian, Jinyan Sun, Bailei Sun, Lei Zhang, Qingming Luo, Hui Gong
2012, 11(4), 606-613

Research article
Analysis of Motivational Profiles of Satisfaction and Importance of Physical Education in High School Adolescents
Antonio Granero-Gallegos, Antonio Baena-Extremera, Francisco J. Pérez-Quero, Maria M. Ortiz-Camacho, Clara Bracho-Amador
2012, 11(4), 614-623

Research article
The Impact of a Sports Vision Training Program in Youth Field Hockey Players
Sebastian Schwab, Daniel Memmert
2012, 11(4), 624-631

Research article
Effects of Unstable Shoes on Energy Cost During Treadmill Walking at Various Speeds
Keiji Koyama, Hisashi Naito, Hayao Ozaki, Toshio Yanagiya
2012, 11(4), 632-637

Research article
Influence of Endurance Exercise on the Risk of Pneumonia and Fever in Leukemia and Lymphoma Patients Undergoing High Dose Chemotherapy. A Pilot Study
Freerk T. Baumann, Philipp Zimmer, Karen Finkenberg, Michael Hallek, Wilhelm Bloch, Thomas Elter
2012, 11(4), 638-642

Research article
Field Based Reliability and Validity of the Bioharness™ Multivariable Monitoring Device
James A. Johnstone, Paul A. Ford, Gerwyn Hughes, Tim Watson, Andrew C. S. Mitchell, Andrew T. Garrett
2012, 11(4), 643-652

Research article
Effect of Creatine Supplementation on Muscle Damage and Repair Following Eccentrically-Induced Damage to the Elbow Flexor Muscles
Neal B. McKinnon, Mitchell T. Graham, Peter M. Tiidus
2012, 11(4), 653-659

Research article
Acute Effects of Three Different Circuit Weight Training Protocols on Blood Lactate, Heart Rate, and Rating of Perceived Exertion in Recreationally Active Women
Brook L. Skidmore, Margaret T. Jones, Mark Blegen, Tracey D. Matthews
2012, 11(4), 660-668

Research article
Acute Effects of Two Different Warm-Up Protocols on Flexibility and Lower Limb Explosive Performance in Male and Female High Level Athletes
Charilaos Tsolakis, Gregory C. Bogdanis
2012, 11(4), 669-675

Research article
Scapular Contribution for the End-Range of Shoulder Axial Rotation in Overhead Athletes
Andrea Ribeiro, Augusto Gil Pascoal
2012, 11(4), 676-681

Research article
Comparison of Temporal Parameters of Swimming Rescue Elements When Performed Using Dolphin and Flutter Kick with Fins - Didactical Approach
Marek Rejman, Wojciech Wiesner, Piotr Silakiewicz, Andrzej Klarowicz, J. Arturo Abraldes
2012, 11(4), 682-689

Research article
Test-Retest Reliability of the Aerobic Power Index Submaximal Exercise Test in Cancer Patients
Bonnie J. Furzer, Karen E. Wallman, Timothy R. Ackland, David J.L. Joske
2012, 11(4), 690-694

Research article
In Vivo Kinematics of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament Deficient Knee During Wide-Based Squat Using a 2D/3D Registration Technique
Takeshi Miyaji, Kazuyoshi Gamada, Kenichi Kidera, Futoshi Ikuta, Kei Yoneta, Hiroyuki Shindo, Makoto Osaki, Akihiko Yonekura
2012, 11(4), 695-702

Research article
Comparison of the Shake Weight Modality Exercises When Compared to Traditional Dumbbells
Jordan M. Glenn, Isaac Cook, Ro Di Brezzo, Michelle Gray, Jennifer L. Vincenzo
2012, 11(4), 703-708

Research article
Magnetic Versus Electrical Stimulation in the Interpolation Twitch Technique of Elbow Flexors
Sofia I. Lampropoulou, Alexander V. Nowicky, Louise Marston
2012, 11(4), 709-718

Research article
Effects of Prolonged Endurance Exercise on Vascular Endothelial and Inflammation Markers
Haemi Jee, Youngsoo Jin
2012, 11(4), 719-726

Research article
Effects of Electrostimulation and Plyometric Training Program Combination on Jump Height in Teenage Athletes
Emilio J. Martínez-López, Elisa Benito-Martínez, Fidel Hita-Contreras, Amador Lara-Sánchez, Antonio Martínez-Amat
2012, 11(4), 727-735

Research article
Reliability and Validity of Physiological Data Obtained Within a Cycle-Run Transition Test in Age-Group Triathletes
Veronica Vleck, Gregoire P. Millet, Francisco Bessone Alves, David J. Bentley
2012, 11(4), 736-744

Research article
Higher Cardiorespiratory Fitness in Older Trained Women is Due to Preserved Stroke Volume
Shilpa Dogra, Matthew D. Spencer, Donald H. Paterson
2012, 11(4), 745-750

Research article
Efficacy of Home-Based Kinesthesia, Balance & Agility Exercise Training Among Persons with Symptomatic Knee Osteoarthritis
Matthew W. Rogers, Nauris Tamulevicius, Stuart J. Semple, Zarko Krkeljas
2012, 11(4), 751-758

Research article
The Contribution of "Resting" Body Muscles to the Slow Component of Pulmonary Oxygen Uptake During High-Intensity Cycling
Fadil Ozyener, Brian J. Whipp, Susan A. Ward
2012, 11(4), 759-767

Case report
Trapezoid Stress Fracture in an International Shot-Putter: A Case Report
Neil Heron, Francisco Verdugo, Antonio Turmo, Lluis T. Perez
2012, 11(4), 768-770

Letter to editor
Turn It On!: The Relative Exercise Intensity and Caloric Expenditure of QiDance™
Megan Buermann, John Porcari, Cordial Gillette, Carl Foster
2012, 11(4), 771-772

Letter to editor
Repeated Bout Effect and Cross-Transfer: Evidence of Dominance Influence
Lais Ferreira, Rafael Pereira, Anthony C. Hackney, Marco Machado
2012, 11(4), 773-774

2012, 11(4), 775-

Book review
T.W. Heggie and D.J. Caine - J. Borms, M. Hebbelinck, A.P. Hills, T. Noakes
2012, 11(4), 792

Book review
Julie N. Bernier and Linda S. Levy
2012, 11(4), 793

Guest Reviewers, Volume 11, 2012
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