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December 2013 - Volume 12, Issue 4
Table of Contents
Ludovic Seifert and Tiago M. Barbosa
2013, 12(4), xii

Research article
Longitudinal Study in Male Swimmers: A Hierachical Modeling of Energetics and Biomechanical Contributions for Performance
Mário J. Costa, José A. Bragada, Daniel A. Marinho, Vitor P. Lopes, António J. Silva, Tiago M. Barbosa
2013, 12(4), 614-622

Research article
Backstroke Technical Characterization of 11-13 Year-Old Swimmers
Ana Filipa Silva, Pedro Figueiredo, Ludovic Seifert, Susana Soares, João Paulo Vilas-Boas, Ricardo J. Fernandes
2013, 12(4), 623-629

Research article
Effect of Additional Respiratory Muscle Endurance Training in Young Well-Trained Swimmers
Frédéric Lemaitre, Jérémy B. Coquart, Florence Chavallard, Ingrid CASTRES, Patrick MUCCI, Guillaume Costalat, Didier Chollet
2013, 12(4), 630-638

Research article
Relations Between Lower Body Isometric Muscle Force Characteristics and Start Performance in Elite Male Sprint Swimmers
Igor Beretić, Marko Đurović, Tomislav Okičić, Milivoj DOPSAJ
2013, 12(4), 639-645

Research article
Sport-Specific Motor Fitness Tests in Water Polo: Reliability, Validity and Playing Position Differences
Ognjen Uljevic, Miodrag Spasic, Damir Sekulic
2013, 12(4), 646-654

Research article
Indirect Determination of Lactate Minimum Speed from a Single Maximal Performance in Young Swimmers
Paulo V. Mezzaroba, Fabiana A. Machado
2013, 12(4), 655-659

Research article
Effectiveness of an Automatic Tracking Software in Underwater Motion Analysis
Fabrício A. Magalhaes, Zimi Sawacha, Rocco Di Michele, Matteo Cortesi, Giorgio Gatta, Silvia Fantozzi
2013, 12(4), 660-667

Research article
Identifying Optimal Overload and Taper in Elite Swimmers over Time
Philippe Hellard, Marta Avalos, Christophe Hausswirth, David Pyne, Jean-Francois Toussaint, Iñigo Mujika
2013, 12(4), 668-678

Research article
A Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of Hydrodynamic Force Acting on a Swimmer’S Hand in a Swimming Competition
Yohei Sato, Takanori Hino
2013, 12(4), 679-689

Research article
Intra-Cyclic Phases of Arm-Leg Movement and Index of Coordination in Relation to Sprint Breaststroke Swimming in Young Swimmers
Marek Strzala, Piotr Krezalek, Grzegorz Glab, Marcin Kaca, Andrzej Ostrowski, Arkadiusz Stanula, Anna K. Tyka
2013, 12(4), 690-697

Research article
Relationship Between Final Performance and Block Times with the Traditional and the New Starting Platforms with A Back Plate in International Swimming Championship 50-M and 100-M Freestyle Events
Antonio Garcia-Hermoso, Yolanda Escalante, Raul Arellano, Fernando Navarro, Ana M. Domínguez, Jose M. Saavedra
2013, 12(4), 698-706

Research article
Impact of the S.W.E.A.T.™ Water-Exercise Method on Activities of Daily Living for Older Women
Mary E. Sanders, Nobuo Takeshima, Michael E. Rogers, Juan C. Colado, Sebastien Borreani
2013, 12(4), 707-715

Research article
Examining Self-Training Procedures in Leisure Swimming
Francois J. Potdevin, Clement Normani, Patrick Pelayo
2013, 12(4), 716-723

Research article
Perceptions of Five-Year Competitive Categories: Model of How Relative Age Influences Competitiveness in Masters Sport
Nikola Medic, Bradley W. Young, J. Robert Grove
2013, 12(4), 724-729

Research article
Kinematical Comparison of the 200 m Backstroke Turns between National and Regional Level Swimmers
Santiago Veiga, Antonio Cala, Pablo González Frutos, Enrique Navarro
2013, 12(4), 730-737

Research article
Repeated Sprint Ability in Elite Water Polo Players and Swimmers and its Relationship to Aerobic and Anaerobic Performance
Yoav Meckel, David Bishop, Moran Rabinovich, Leonid Kaufman, Dan Nemet, Alon Eliakim
2013, 12(4), 738-743

Research article
Adaptation of Endurance Training with a Reduced Breathing Frequency
Jernej Kapus, Anton Ušaj, Mitch Lomax
2013, 12(4), 744-752

Research article
Sports Nutrition and Doping Factors in Synchronized Swimming: Parallel Analysis among Athletes and Coaches
Gordana Furjan Mandic, Mia Peric, Lucijana Krzelj, Sladana Stankovic, Natasa Zenic
2013, 12(4), 753-760

Research article
Body Segment Inertial Parameters of elite swimmers Using DXA and indirect Methods
2013, 12(4), 761-775

Book review
Lynette L. Carl, Joseph A. Gallo, Peter R. Johnson
2013, 12(4), xiv

Book review
Luc J. C. van Loon and Romain Meeusen
2013, 12(4), xv

Book review
Jonathan K. Ehrman, Paul M. Gordon, Paul S. Visich, Steven J. Keteyian
2013, 12(4), xiii

Guest Reviewers, Volume 12, 2013
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