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Jun 2016 - Volume 15, Issue 2
Table of Contents
Research article
Cardiorespiratory Effects of One-Legged High-Intensity Interval Training in Normoxia and Hypoxia: A Pilot Study
Verena Menz, Mona Semsch, Florian Mosbach, Martin Burtscher
2016, 15(2), 208-213

Research article
Neural Markers of Performance States in an Olympic Athlete: An EEG Case Study in Air-Pistol Shooting
Selenia di Fronso, Claudio Robazza, Edson Filho, Laura Bortoli, Silvia Comani, Maurizio Bertollo
2016, 15(2), 214-222

Research article
Effects of a Non-Circular Chainring on Sprint Performance During a Cycle Ergometer Test
Frédérique Hintzy, Frédéric Grappe, Alain Belli
2016, 15(2), 223-228

Research article
Determining Dimensionality of Exercise Readiness Using Exploratory Factor Analysis
Kelley Strohacker, Rebecca A. Zakrajsek
2016, 15(2), 229-238

Research article
Comparison of Level and Graded Treadmill Tests to Evaluate Endurance Mountain Runners
Pascal Balducci, Michel Clémençon, Baptiste Morel, Géraud Quiniou, Damien Saboul, Christophe A. Hautier
2016, 15(2), 239-246

Research article
The Effects of a Duathlon Simulation on Ventilatory Threshold and Running Economy
Nathaniel T. Berry, Laurie Wideman, Edgar W. Shields, Claudio L. Battaglini
2016, 15(2), 247-253

Research article
Plantar Pressures During Long Distance Running: An Investigation of 10 Marathon Runners
Erik Hohmann, Peter Reaburn, Kevin Tetsworth, Andreas Imhoff
2016, 15(2), 254-262

Research article
Accuracy and Reliability of a New Tennis Ball Machine
Cyril Brechbuhl, Grégoire Millet, Laurent Schmitt
2016, 15(2), 263-267

Research article
Differing Roles of Functional Movement Variability as Experience Increases in Gymnastics
Albert Busquets, Michel Marina, Keith Davids, Rosa Angulo-Barroso
2016, 15(2), 268-276

Research article
Alterations of Vertical Jump Mechanics after a Half-Marathon Mountain Running Race
Elissavet N. Rousanoglou, Konstantinos Noutsos, Achilleas Pappas, Gregory Bogdanis, Georgios Vagenas, Ioannis A. Bayios, Konstantinos D. Boudolos
2016, 15(2), 277-286

Research article
The Association Analysis between ACE and ACTN3 Genes Polymorphisms and Endurance Capacity in Young Cross-Country Skiers: Longitudinal Study
Agnes Mägi, Eve Unt, Ele Prans, Liina Raus, Jaan Eha, Alar Veraksitš, Külli Kingo, Sulev Kõks
2016, 15(2), 287-294

Research article
Does Body Mass Index Influence Behavioral Regulations, Dispositional Flow and Social Physique Anxiety in Exercise Setting?
Gözde Ersöz, Ersin Altiparmak, F. Hülya Aşçı
2016, 15(2), 295-300

Research article
Comparison of Ball-And-Racket Impact Force in Two-Handed Backhand Stroke Stances for Different-Skill-Level Tennis Players
Kuo-Cheng Lo, Yung-Chun Hsieh
2016, 15(2), 301-307

Research article
Can Time Efficient Exercise Improve Cardiometabolic Risk Factors in Type 2 Diabetes? A Pilot Study
Anders Revdal, Siri M. Hollekim-Strand, Charlotte B. Ingul
2016, 15(2), 308-313

Research article
Multi-Directional Sprint Training Improves Change-Of-Direction Speed and Reactive Agility in Young Highly Trained Soccer Players
Dennis-Peter Born, Christoph Zinner, Peter Düking, Billy Sperlich
2016, 15(2), 314-319

Research article
Does Physical Loading Affect The Speed and Accuracy of Tactical Decision-Making in Elite Junior Soccer Players?
Pavel Frýbort, Jakub Kokštejn, Martin Musálek, Vladimír Süss
2016, 15(2), 320-326

Research article
The Influence of a Bout of Exertion on Novice Barefoot Running Dynamics
Rami Hashish, Sachithra D. Samarawickrame, Lucinda Baker, George J. Salem
2016, 15(2), 327-334

Research article
Association of Quality Physical Education Teaching with Students’ Physical Fitness
Weiyun Chen, Steve Mason, Andrew Hypnar, Austin Hammond-Bennett
2016, 15(2), 335-343

Research article
Relationship between Leg Mass, Leg Composition and Foot Velocity on Kicking Accuracy in Australian Football
Nicolas H. Hart, Jodie L. Cochrane, Tania Spiteri, Sophia Nimphius, Robert U. Newton
2016, 15(2), 344-351

Research article
Effect of Semi-Rigid and Soft Ankle Braces on Static and Dynamic Postural Stability in Young Male Adults
Noriaki Maeda, Yukio Urabe, Shogo Tsutsumi, Shuhei Numano, Miho Morita, Takuya Takeuchi, Shou Iwata, Toshiki Kobayashi
2016, 15(2), 352-357

Research article
The Effects of Two Self-Regulation Interventions to Increase Self-Efficacy and Group Exercise Behavior in Fitness Clubs
Jan Middelkamp, Maaike van Rooijen, Peter Wolfhagen, Bert Steenbergen
2016, 15(2), 358-364

Research article
Salivary Biomarker Responses to Two Final Matches in Women’s Professional Football
Javiera Maya, Pablo Marquez, Luis Peñailillo, Ariel Contreras-Ferrat, Louise Deldicque, Hermann Zbinden-Foncea
2016, 15(2), 365-371

Research article
Sex-Related Differences in Self-Paced All Out High-Intensity Intermittent Cycling: Mechanical and Physiological Responses
Valéria L. G. Panissa, Ursula F. Julio, Vanessa França, Fabio S. Lira, Peter Hofmann, Monica Y. Takito, Emerson Franchini
2016, 15(2), 372-378

Research article
Effect of Wearing the Elevation Training Mask on Aerobic Capacity, Lung Function, and Hematological Variables
John P. Porcari, Lauren Probst, Karlei Forrester, Scott Doberstein, Carl Foster, Maria L. Cress, Katharina Schmidt
2016, 15(2), 379-386

Letter to editor
Self-Medication Practice among Amateur Runners: Prevalence and Associated Factors
Médéa Locquet, Charlotte Beaudart, Robert Larbuisson, Fanny Buckinx, Jean-François Kaux, Jean-Yves Reginster, Olivier Bruyère
2016, 15(2), 387-388

Letter to editor
Normobaric Hypoxia Exposure during Low Altitude Stay and Performance of Elite-Level Race-Walkers
Gaurav Sikri, AB Srinivasa
2016, 15(2), 389-

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