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Book review
Editors: Artemis P. Simopoulos
Bibliographic:  ISBN: 3-8055-7945-4, S. Karger AG, 2005, 182 pages, $207.25 (hardcover).
Subjects:  Nutrition and physical activity in mental health, schizophrenia, aging, osteoporosis and healthy life, and the role of government on nutrition and fitness.
Reviewed by: Hakan Gur, MD, PhD, Uludag University Medical School, Bursa, Turkey
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The proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Nutrition and Fitness held in Athens, Greece, on June 91-2, 2004 are presented in the book as a second volume of the series. The objectives of the book are to review/discuss the latest information on nutrition and fitness by taking into consideration i) mental health, ii) psychiatric disorders, iii) menopause, iv) osteoporosis, v) aging and vi) healthy diet. The book also discusses the role of government in implementing a healthy diet and physical activity lifestyle.
The book provides a very useful resource for researchers, psychiatrists, nutritionists, exercise physiologists, geneticists, dietitians, food scientists, policy makers in government, private food industry and healthcare professionals in the fields of social and preventive medicine, geriatrics, public health, sports medicine. The readers are going to discover that this is an excellent reference book.
A common, uniform strategy and evidence-based approach to organizing and interpreting the literature is used in all chapters. This textbook is composed of four parts with sub-sections in all of them. The topics of the parts are: i) Mental Health, ii) Aging, Osteoporosis and Physical Activity, iii) Defining the Components of a Healthy Diet and Physical Activity for Health and iv) The Role of Government in Implementing a Healthy Diet and Physical Activity Lifestyle. In each specific chapter, an epidemiological picture has been systematically developed from the data available in prospective, retrospective, case-control, and cross-sectional studies. The tables and figures are numerous, helpful and very useful.
This book is almost a compulsory reading for anyone interested in nutrition, metabolism, social and preventive medicine, clinical nutrition, diabetics, genetics, obesity, public health, aging and osteoporosis, psychiatric disorders and sports medicine and for those wishing to run comprehensive research in this and relevant areas. The fact that the contributors are leading international researchers in this field makes this book more welcome.
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