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Research article
Age-Associated Changes In VO and Power Output - A Cross-Sectional Study of Endurance Trained New Zealand Cyclists
Stephen J. Brown,1 , Helen J. Ryan1, Julie A. Brown2
Author Information
1 Institute of Food, Nutrition, and Human Health, Massey University Auckland, Auckland University, New Zealand
2 Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, Auckland University, New Zealand

Stephen J. Brown
✉ IFNHH, Massey University, Private Bag 102-904, Auckland, New Zealand.
Publish Date
Received: 03-06-2007
Accepted: 09-08-2007
Published (online): 01-12-2007
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Age-associated changes in power and maximal oxygen consumption (VO2max) were studied in a cross section of endurance trained cyclists. Subjects (n = 56) performed incremental cycling exercise, during which capillary blood lactate [La-] was measured. Power output increased by 30 Watts during each 5 minutes stage, with initial power output based on individual ability. When [La-] was >4.5 mmol·L-1, subjects were given a 10 min recovery at a power output approximately 50% below estimated power at [La-]4mmol. Subjects then performed an incremental test (1 minute stages) to VO2max. Decline in VO2max was 0.65 ml·kg-1·min-1·year-1 (r = -0.72, p < 0.01) for males, and 0.39 ml·kg-1·min-1·year-1 (r = -0.54, p < 0.05) for females. Power at VO2max decreased by 0.048 W kg-1·year-1 (r = -0.72, p < 0.01) in males. Power at [La-]4mmol decreased by 0.044 W kg-1·year-1 (r = -0.76, p < 0.01) in males, and by 0.019 W kg-1·year-1 (r = -0.53, p < 0.05) in females. Heart rate at VO2max (HRmax) showed a weaker correlation with age in males (r = -0.36, p < 0.05). The age-associated changes in maximum aerobic power and sub-maximal power were gender- specific, thus suggesting different age-related effects on the systems which support exercise in males and females.

Key words: Maximal oxygen consumption, aging, exercise, performance

           Key Points
  • VO decreased with age by 0.65 ml·kg·min·year in male, and by 0.39 ml·kg·min·year in female endurance trained cyclists.
  • Power at VO decreased with age by 0.048 Watts·kg·year in male endurance trained cyclists.
  • Sub-maximal power at a blood lactate concentration of 4mmol·L decreased by 0.044 Watts·kg·year in male, and by 0.019 Watts·kg·year in female endurance trained cyclists.
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