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Research article
Game Related Statistics Discriminating Between Starters and Nonstarters Players in Women’S National Basketball Association League (WNBA)
Miguel-Ángel Gòmez1, , Alberto Lorenzo2, Enrique Ortega3, Jaime Sampaio4, Sergio-José Ibàñez5
Author Information
1 Complutense University of Madrid, Spain
2 Technical University of Madrid, Spain
3 Catholic University Saint Anthony of Murcia, Spain
4 Health and Human Development, Portugal
5 University of Extremadura, Spain

Miguel-Ángel Gòmez
✉ Avenida, Levante, N° 101, Portal 7, 1°A, Rivas Vaciamadrid, CP/ 28521, Madrid, Spain.
Publish Date
Received: 11-02-2009
Accepted: 07-04-2009
Published (online): 01-06-2009
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The aim of the present study was to identify the game-related statistics that allow discriminating between starters and nonstarter players in women’s basketball when related to winning or losing games and best or worst teams. The sample comprised all 216 regular season games from the 2005 Women’s National Basketball Association League (WNBA). The game-related statistics included were 2- and 3- point field-goals (both successful and unsuccessful), free-throws (both successful and unsuccessful), defensive and offensive rebounds, assists, blocks, fouls, steals, turnovers and minutes played. Results from multivariate analysis showed that when best teams won, the discriminant game-related statistics were successful 2-point field-goals (SC = 0.47), successful free-throws (SC = 0.44), fouls (SC = -0.41), assists (SC = 0.37), and defensive rebounds (SC = 0.37). When the worst teams won, the discriminant game-related statistics were successful 2-point field- goals (SC = 0.37), successful free-throws (SC = 0.45), assists (SC = 0.58), and steals (SC = 0.35). The results showed that the successful 2-point field-goals, successful free-throws and the assists were the most powerful variables discriminating between starters and nonstarters. These specific characteristics helped to point out the importance of starters’ players shooting and passing ability during competitions.

Key words: Performance, game-statistics, starters, nonstarters, women’s basketball.

           Key Points
  • The players’ game-related statistical profile varied according to team status, game outcome and team quality in women’s basketball.
  • The results of this work help to point out the different player’s performance described in women’s basketball compared with men’s basketball.
  • The results obtained enhance the importance of starters and nonstarters contribution to team’s performance in different game contexts.
  • Results showed the power of successful 2-point field-goals, successful free-throws and assists discriminating between starters and nonstarters in all the analyses.
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