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Book review
Editors: Thomas J. Gill, MD; Series editors: James R. Andrews, Tal S. David
Bibliographic:  ISBN 978-1-55642-858-6; Published by: SLACK Incorporated, NJ, USA, 2009, 228 pages
Subjects:  Techniques of arthroscopic knee surgery
Reviewed by: M. Asim Baykan MD, Orthopedic surgeon, Acibadem Harvard Medical International, Kozyatagi Hosp. Istanbul, Turkey
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A unique reference for the techniques of arthroscopic knee surgery including surgical goals, illustrative instructions of the techniques, tips, pearls and pitfalls that offers opinions and preferences by multiple contributors from USA
Dr. Thomas J. Gill aims to provide detailed knowledge for every arthroscopic procedure used in the modern knee surgery by giving the description of surgical goals, step-by-step instructions of each technique and advices of the contributors about the procedure
Orthopedic residents, fellows, practicing orthopedic surgeons and even high-volume clinicians involved with sports injuries and arthroscopic surgery may benefit "Arthroscopic Techniques of the Knee"
There are 15 chapters and an index. Subjects of the chapters are "Positioning and Set-Up; Anesthesia; Diagnostic Arthroscopy; Menisceal Repair; Microfracture; Osteochondral Transplantation; Autologous Chondrocyte Transplantation; Pediatric Osteochondral Injuries; Single-Bundle ACL Reconstruction Using Patellar Tendon Grafts; Anatomic Double-Bundle ACL Reconstruction; ACL-Arthroscopically assisted Internal Fixation of the Tibial Spine Avulsion Fractures; Single-Bundle Posterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: Arthroscopic Transtibial Technique; Posterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: Single-Bundle Tibial Inlay; Transtibial Double-Bundle PCL Reconstruction; Arthroscopic Treatment of Arthrofibrosis of the Knee
The current techniques of the arthroscopic knee surgery are presented in the text including detailed, step-by-step instructions which are enhanced by reach illustrations, figures and pictures. Each topic is presented by a different expert of arthroscopic knee surgery from USA also offering his experience and advices in the form of "tips and pearls or pitfalls". Precise instructions in the form of an illustrative guide makes the text easier to read and learn resembling an alongside educative session in the operating room by an expert
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