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Research article
A Comparison Between Ventilation and Heart Rate as Indicator of Oxygen Uptake During Different Intensities of Exercise
Steven Gastinger1, , Anthony Sorel1, Guillaume Nicolas1, Arlette Gratas-Delamarche1, Jacques Prioux2
Author Information
1 M2S Laboratory, Physiology and Biomechanics, UFR APS University of Rennes 2, 35044 Rennes Cedex, France
2 ENS - Cachan, Antenne de Bretagne, Campus de Ker-Lann, 35170 Bruz Cedex, France

Steven Gastinger
✉ M2S Laboratory (Movement, Health and Sports Science): Physiology and Biomechanics, UFR APS, Rennes 2 University, Avenue Charles Tillon - CS 24414 - 35044 Rennes Cedex, France
Publish Date
Received: 30-09-2009
Accepted: 06-01-2010
Published (online): 01-03-2010
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The aim of this study is to compare the relation between ventilation (VE) and oxygen uptake (VO2) [VO2=ƒ(VE)] and between heart rate (HR) and VO2 [VO2=ƒ(HR)]. Each one of the subjects performed three types of activities of different intensities (walking without load, walking with load and intermittent work). VO2, VE, and HR were measured continuously by using indirect calorimetry and an electrocardiogram. Linear regressions and coefficients of determination (r2) were calculated to compare the relation VO2 =ƒ(VE) and VO2 =ƒ(HR) for two different regroupings: by session duration (r2session) and by subject (r2subject). Results showed that r2session of the relation VO2 =ƒ(VE) were significantly higher than those of the relation VO2 =ƒ(HR) for steady state activities (walking with or without load during 3 or 6 min, p < 0.01) and for activities without oxygen consumption steady state (walking with or without load during 1 min, p < 0.01 and intermittent work, p < 0.05). VE is more strongly correlated with VO2 than with HR. This is a very promising approach to develop a new method to estimate energy expenditure.

Key words: Physical activities, light to moderate intensities, steady state activities, non-steady state activities.

           Key Points
  • Ventilation is more strongly correlated with oxygen uptake than heart rate during physical activities of different intensities.
  • This study shows the interest to looking for ventilation to estimate energy expenditure.
  • This study is a promising approach to develop a new method to estimate energy expenditure
  • An interesting perspective could be to develop a light and portable device to measure ventilation based on the coupling of four magnetometers.
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