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Research article
The Calciotropic Hormone Response to Omega-3 Supple-Mentation During Long-Term Weight-Bearing Exercise Training in Post Menopausal Women
Bakhtiar Tartibian1, Behzad Hajizadeh Maleki1, Asghar Abbasi2, 
Author Information
1 Department of Physical Education and Sport Science, Faculty of Humanities and Literature, Urmia University, Urmia, Iran
2 Institute of Clinical and Experimental Transfusion Medicine, University Hospital of Tuebingen, Tuebingen, Germany

Asghar Abbasi
✉ University Hospital of Tuebingen, Otfried-Mueller -Str.4/1, 72076 Tuebingen, Germany
Publish Date
Received: 26-08-2009
Accepted: 15-03-2010
Published (online): 01-06-2010
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The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of ingestion of omega-3 (n-3) and aerobic exercise intervention on the calcium regulating hormones in healthy postmenopausal women. To this end, 56 healthy sedentary postmenopausal women with mean age 57.7 ± 3.5 yrs participated in this study. Participants were randomly divided into exercise plus supple-ment (E+S; n = 14), exercise (E; n = 14), supplement (S; n = 14) and control (Con, n = 14) groups. The subjects in E+S and E groups performed aerobic exercise training (walking and jog-ging) up to 65% of exercise HRmax, three times a week for 16 weeks. Subjects in E+S and S groups were asked to consume 1000 mg/d omega-3 for 16 weeks. The blood ionized Calcium (Ca+2), Parathyroid hormone (PTH), estrogen and Calcitonin (CT) were measured before and after 16 weeks of exercise training. Results indicated that consuming 1000 mg·day-1 omega-3 during 16 weeks and or the aerobic exercise, significantly increased CT (p = 0.001) in E+S, E and S groups and significantly decreased PTH (p = 0.001) levels in E+S and E groups, also significantly increased estrogen (p = 0.024) levels in E+S and E groups, but had no significant effects on blood Ca+2 (p = 0.619) levels. The results of present study demonstrate that omega-3 in combination with regular aerobic exercise training have significant effects on serum CT, estrogen and PTH in non-athletic post-menopausal women, suggesting that participating in moderate intensity weight-bearing exercise and incorporating sources of omega-3 in the diet a possible intervention to help slow the loss of bone that occurs following menopause.

Key words: Postmenopausal women, physical activity, parathyroid hormone, calcitonin, omega-3 fatty acids, bone mineral density

           Key Points
  • Long-term weight-bearing exercise was shown to prove positive effects on bone metabolism.
  • Serum calciotropic hormone levels and Ca can be affected by exercise intensity as well as dura-tion.
  • There is a good relationship between dietary omega-3 (n-3) and bone metabolism in post-menopausal women.
  • Omega-3 in combination with long-term weight-bearing exercise training has significant effects on serum calciotropic hormone levels in non-athlete post-menopausal women.
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