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Research article
The Influence of Weight Loss on Anaerobic Threshold in Obese Women
Agnieszka Zak-Golab1 , Barbara Zahorska-Markiewicz2,, Józef Langfort3, Piotr Kocelak5, Michal Holecki1,4, Katarzyna Mizia-Stec6, Magdalena Olszanecka-Glinianowicz5, Jerzy Chudek1
Author Information
1 Department and Unit of Pathophysiology, Medical University of Silesia, Katowice, Poland
2 Obesity Management Clinic “Waga”, Katowice, Poland
3 Department of Physiology, Academy of Physical Education, Katowice, Poland and Laboratory of Experimental Pharmacology, Polish Academy of Science, Warsaw, Poland
4 Department of Internal Medicine and Metabolic Diseases,
5 Health Promotion and Obesity Management,
6 Department of Cardiology, Medical University of Silesia, Katowice, Poland

Agnieszka Zak-Golab
✉ Department of Pathophysiology, 12 Medyków Street, 40-752, Katowice, Poland
Publish Date
Received: 01-04-2010
Accepted: 13-08-2010
Published (online): 01-12-2010
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Obesity is associated with decreased physical activity. The aim of the study was to assess the anaerobic threshold in obese and normal weight women and to analyse the effect of weight-reduction therapy on the determined thresholds. Patients and methods: 42 obese women without concomitant disease (age 30.5 ± 6.9y; BMI 33.6 ± 3.7 kg·m-2) and 19 healthy normal weight women (age 27.6 ± 7.0y; BMI 21.2 ± 1.9 kg·m-2) performed cycle ergometer incremental ramp exercise test up to exhaustion. The test was repeated in 19 obese women after 12.3 ± 4.2% weight loss. The lactate threshold (LT) and the ventilatory threshold (VT) were determined. Obese women had higher lactate (expressed as oxygen consumption) and ventilator threshold than normal weight women. The lactate threshold was higher than ventilatory one both in obese and normal weight women (1.11 ± 0.21 vs 0.88 ± 0.18 L·min-1, p < 0.001; 0.94 ± 0.15 vs 0.79 ± 0.23 L·min- 1, p < 0.01, respectively). After weight reduction therapy neither the lactate nor the ventilatory threshold changed significantly. The results concluded that; 1. The higher lactate threshold noted in obese women may be related to the increased fat acid usage in metabolism. 2. Both in obese and normal weight women lactate threshold appears at higher oxygen consumption than ventilatory threshold. 3. The obtained weight reduction, without weight normalisation was insufficient to cause significant changes of lactate and ventilatory thresholds in obese women.

Key words: Obesity, anaerobic threshold, lactate threshold, ventilatory threshold

           Key Points
  • Results showed that adolescent young female gymnasts have an altered serum inflammatory markers and endothelial activation, compared to their less physically active peers.
  • Physical activities improved immune system.
  • Differences in these biochemical data kept significant after adjustment for body weight and height.
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