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Book review
Editors: Margaret M. Plack and Maryanne Driscoll
Bibliographic:  ISBN: 978-1-55642-872-2; 2011 by SLACK Incorporated, NJ, USA, 277 pages, soft cover, $43.95
Subjects:  Effective Teaching, Effective Learning, Patient Education, Evidence Based Principles, Physical Therapy
Reviewed by: Ufuk Sekir, MD, Prof., Department of Sports Medicine, Medical School of Uludag University, Bursa, Turkey.
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Teaching and Learning in Physical Therapy: From Classroom to Clinic provides an excellent resource for the health professional that applies the principles of evidence-based practice to teaching and adult learning within the context of health care. The framework for this text considers the capabilities, needs, and goals of learners, patients, and educators with sufficient occasions for readers to integrate and reinforce learned concepts through personal reflection, thought-provoking questions, and real-world case situations
The goal of the book, as stated in the introduction, is to offer a systematic approach to designing, implementing, and evaluating effective teaching-learning experiences. The authors state that this book is designed for those looking to enhance their skills both as an educator and as a learner in physical therapy
Every student, clinician, first-time presenter, teacher and learner in the fields of physical therapy will benefit from this book and find it useful
This book is divided into three sections which are subdivided into 10 clearly written and well documented chapters, and each chapter has essential references at the end. Section I addressing the subject: "Who Are We as Teachers and Learners?" includes three chapters with the headings: 1- "Filters: Individual Factors That Influence Us as Teachers and Learners", 2- "Reflection and Action Learning: Keys to Self-Awareness, Problem Solving, and Continuous Improvement in Practice", and 3- "The Brain: How Current Concepts in Brain Function May Inform Teaching and Learning". Section II addressing the subject: "Designing, Implementing, and Assessing Effective Instruction" includes also three chapters with the headings: 4- "Systematic Effective Instruction: Keys to Designing Effective Presentations", 5, "Design Considerations: Adapting Instruction for Varied Audiences and Formats", and 6- "Strategies for Teaching and Learning Movement". Finally, Section III addressing the subject: "From Classroom to Clinic and Beyond" includes four chapters with the headings: 7- "Communities of Practice: Learning and Professional Identity Development in the Clinical Setting", 8- "The Learning Triad: Strategies for Optimizing Supports and Minimizing Barriers to Facilitate Learning in the Clinical Setting", 9- "Patient Education: Facilitating Behavior Change", and 10- "Harnessing Technology: Tools to Enhance Learning in the Clinic and the Classroom"
Each chapter begins with learning objectives that clearly delineate what the reader will be able to do after completing the chapter and concludes with key summary points to reinforce concepts and summarize the salient points. "Stop and Reflect" sections invites a purposeful pause with time to think about questions, thereby discovering how new concepts can be integrated or adapted by the reader in his or her environment. "Critical Thinking Clinical Scenarios" provides multiple opportunities for the reader to apply and adapt key concepts to real world situations that may parallel those that the reader encounters throughout his or her professional life
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