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Research article
Development Of a Field Test for Evaluating Aerobic Fitness in Middle-Aged Adults: Validity of a 15-M Incremental Shuttle Walk and Run Test
Kotaro Mikawa1,2, , Hideaki Senjyu2
Author Information
1 School of Chubu-Gakuin University,
2 Nagasaki University Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Japan.

Kotaro Mikawa
✉ Department of Physical Therapy, School of Chubu-Gakuin University, 2-1 Kirigaoka Seki-City, Gihu 501-3993, Japan
Publish Date
Received: 08-06-2011
Accepted: 02-10-2011
Published (online): 01-12-2011
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The purpose of this study was to develop a standardized and externally paced field test (15-m Incremental Shuttle Walk and Run Test [15mISWRT]), incorporating an incremental and progressive structure, to assess aerobic fitness in middle-aged adults. 68 middle-aged men performed three tests in random order between one to two week intervals: 15-m ISWRT, cardiopulmonary exercise test (CPX), and 1500-m fast walk. Variables evaluated were 15-m ISWRT performance (distance completed), VO2max measured by CPX, 1500-m fast walk performance (walking time), and HR response in 15-m ISWRT and 1500-m fast walk. Validity of the 15-m ISWRT was tested by comparing the associations among the 15-m ISWRT performance, VO2max and the 1500-m fast walk performance. Changes in HR response during the 15-m ISWRT and the 1500-m fast walk were also compared. Correlations between each variable were as follows: the correlation between 15- m ISWRT performance and VO2max was very high, r = 0.86 (p < 0.01), the correlation between the 1500-m fast walk and VO2max was r = −0.51 (p < 0.01). HR response during the 15-m ISWRT gently increased initially, whereas HR response during the 1500-m fast walk rapidly increased from the start. In conclusion, our findings indicate that the 15-m ISWRT is valid and safe for evaluating VO2max in middle-aged adults.

Key words: Maximal oxygen uptake, heart rate, 20m shuttle run test, shuttle walking test, cardiopulmonary exercise test

           Key Points
  • The 15-m ISWRT is valid and safe for evaluating VOmax in middle-aged adults.
  • In comparison with the 1500-m fast walk, the 15-m ISWRT may be a more favourable field-based assessment of aerobic fitness in the middle-aged adults.
  • The 15-m ISWRT could become a valid means for evaluating aerobic fitness as an alternative to CPX in institutions and situations where CPX is difficult to implement.
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