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Book review
Editors: Domhnall MacAuley
Bibliographic:  ISBN: 978-0-19-966015-5; 2013 by OXFORD University Press, UK, 784 pages, flexicover, £34.99
Subjects:  Sports Injury, Exercise Training, Disease Prevention, Health Promotion, Rehabilitation
Reviewed by: Ufuk Sekir, MD, Assoc. Prof., Department of Sports Medicine, Medical School of Uludag University, Bursa, Turkey.
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The Second Edition of the Oxford Handbook of Sport and Exercise Medicine brings together the common problems and diagnoses in sport and exercise medicine with a focused summary of the latest strategies, management plans, and evidence based protocols.
The aim of the new edition of the book is to reflect the rapid development of the specialty in the last years. Additionally, it was aimed to produce a comprehensive text and a quick reference guide to all aspects of diagnoses and treatment, exercise benefits, and epidemiology in the field of sport and exercise medicine.
The book appeals to a wide audience, from the postgraduate students of sport and exercise medicine to the general practitioners, as well as to team doctors, university doctors, and specialists in sport and exercise medicine.
The book is composed of 25 chapters, an index section at the end and about 45 black and white line drawings. The following topics are addressed in the chapters: Chapter 1 is "Immediate Care", Chapter 2 is "Sports Injury", Chapter 3 is "Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation", Chapter 4 is "Benefits of Exercise", Chapter 5 is "Exercise Physiology", Chapter 6 is "Metabolic", Chapter 7 is "Aids to Performance", Chapter 8 is "Disability", Chapter 9 is "Arthritis", Chapter 10 is "Cardiorespiratory", Chapter 11 is "Infectious Disease", Chapter 12 is "Dermatology", Chapter 13 is "Women", Chapter 14 is "Older People", Chapter 15 is "Head and Face", Chapter 16 is "Spine", Chapter 17 is "Shoulder", Chapter 18 is "Elbow and Forearm", Chapter 19 is "Wrist and Hand", Chapter 20 is "Abdomen", Chapter 21 is "Hip and Pelvis", Chapter 22 is "Knee", Chapter 23 is "Ankle and Lower Leg", Chapter 24 is "Foot", and Chapter 25 is "The Team Physician".
This new edition of the book is fully revised and updated, and has a new section on older patients. Furthermore, the 2nd edition includes an expanded advice on physiotherapy and rehabilitation programs. In general, the book is practical, accessible and clinically based, and is the single global reference for the undergraduate, postgraduate, or experienced specialist.
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