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Research article
Effect of Sodium Phosphate Supplementation on Cycling Time Trial Performance and VO2 1 and 8 Days Post Loading
Cameron P. Brewer , Brian Dawson, Karen E. Wallman, Kym J. Guelfi
Author Information
School of Sport Science, Exercise and Health, The University of Western Australia, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Cameron P. Brewer
✉ School of Sport Science, Exercise and Health, M408, The University of Western Australia, 35 Stirling Highway, Crawley WA, 6009, Australia
Publish Date
Received: 02-12-2013
Accepted: 17-02-2014
Published (online): 01-09-2014
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This study examined the effect of 6 days of sodium phosphate (SP) (50 mg·kg·FFM-1·day-1) or placebo (PL) supplementation in trained cyclists on either 100 kJ (23.9 Kcal) (~3-4 min) or 250 kJ (59.7 Kcal) (~10-12 min) time trials performances both 1 and 8 days post-supplementation. Trials were performed in a counterbalanced crossover design, with a 28-day washout period between supplementation phases. No significant differences, moderate-large ES (d) or likely (or greater) smallest worthwhile change (SWC) values were recorded for time to completion and mean power output on days 1 and 8 post-supplementation, both within and between SP and PL for either the 100 or 250 kJ (23.9 or 59.7 Kcal) trials. In the 100 kJ (23.9 Kcal) trial (only) first minute VO2 tended to be higher in SP8 than both PL8 (d = 0.60; 88/10/2 SWC) and SP1 (d = 0.47: 82/15/3 SWC), as was mean VO2 (PL8: d = 0.77; 93/6/1 SWC and SP1: d = 0.84; 90/8/3 SWC). No significant differences were found for heart rate, ratings of perceived exertion and blood lactate post-exercise within or between any trials, while serum phosphate values were not different before or after supplementation with SP or PL. In conclusion, this study showed a tendency for increased VO2 in a short duration (100 kJ/ 23.9 Kcal: ~3-4 min) cycling test on day 8 after SP supplementation, but no differences in 100 or 250 kJ (23.9 or 59.7 Kcal) time trials performances were observed.

Key words: Serum phosphate, lactate, heart rate, RPE

           Key Points
  • Studies investigating the effects of sodium phosphate loading on shorter duration (<15 min) and higher intensity exercise performance are lacking, as is research on how long any ergogenic effect may last.
  • Loading did not improve cycling time trial (~3-4 min and 10-12 min) performance either 1 or 8 days after supplementation.
  • Future studies should investigate the effect of sodium phosphate loading on repeated sprints and simulated cycling road race performance over extended durations (>30 min), where it may be likely to have a more beneficial effect.
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