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June 2006 - Volume 05, Issue 2
Table of Contents
Review article
Leptin, its Implication in Physical Exercise and Training: A Short Review
Anissa Bouassida, Dalenda Zalleg, Semi Bouassida, Monia Zaouali, Youssef Feki, Abdelkarim Zbidi, Zouhair Tabka
2006, 05(2), 172-181

Review article
Medical Issues Associated with Anabolic Steroid Use: Are They Exaggerated?
Jay R. Hoffman, Nicholas A. Ratamess
2006, 05(2), 182-193

Research article
Sprint-Interval Training Induces Heat Shock Protein 72 in Rat Skeletal Muscles
Yuji Ogura, Hisashi Naito, Mitsutoshi Kurosaka, Takao Sugiura, Aoki Junichiro, Shizuo Katamoto
2006, 05(2), 194-201

Research article
Left Ventricular Systolic Function During Treadmill Walking with Load Carriage in Adolescents
Moran Sagiv, Michael Sagiv, Ruthie Amir, David Ben-Sira
2006, 05(2), 202-207

Research article
Effects of Aging on Perceived Exertion and Pain During Arm Cranking in Women 70 to 80 YEARS OLD
Alain Groslambert, Céline C. Grange, Stéphane Perrey, Jérôme Maire, Nicolas Tordi, Jean Denis Rouillon
2006, 05(2), 208-214

Research article
The Impact of Moderate and High Intensity Total Body Fatigue on Passing Accuracy in Expert and Novice Basketball Players
Mark Lyons, Yahya Al-Nakeeb, Alan Nevill
2006, 05(2), 215-227

Research article
Three Intermittent Sessions of Cryotherapy Reduce the Secondary Muscle Injury in Skeletal Muscle of Rat
Nuno M. L. Oliveira, Elaine P. Rainero, Tania F. Salvini
2006, 05(2), 228-234

Research article
Serum Markers of Inflammation and Endothelial Function are Elevated by Hormonal Contraceptive Use but not by Exercise-Associated Menstrual Disorders in Physically Active Young Women
Pamela S. Hinton, R. Scott Rector, James E. Peppers, Rebecca. D. Imhoff , Laura. S. Hillman
2006, 05(2), 235-242

Research article
Soccer Referee Decision-Making: ‘shall I Blow the Whistle?’
Andrew M. Lane, Alan M. Nevill, Nahid S. Ahmad, Nigel Balmer
2006, 05(2), 243-253

Research article
Influence of Posture on Pulmonary O Uptake Kinetics, Muscle Deoxygenation and Myolectrical Activity During Heavy-Intensity Exercise
Romain Denis, Stéphane Perrey
2006, 05(2), 254-265

Research article
The Effects of Long-Term Regular Exercise on Endothelial Functions, Inflammatory and Thrombotic Activity in Middle-Aged, Healthy Men
Metin Ergün, Istemihan Tengiz, Ugur Türk, Seckin Senisik, Emin Alioglu, Oguz Yüksel, Ertugrul Ercan, Cetin Islegen
2006, 05(2), 266-275

Research article
Effect of Training with Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation on Elbow Flexion Strength
William R. Holcomb
2006, 05(2), 276-281

Research article
The Relationship Between Maximum Unilateral Squat Strength and Balance in Young Adult Men and Women
Kevin McCurdy, George Langford
2006, 05(2), 282-288

Research article
Using Session RPE to Monitor Different Methods of Resistance Exercise
Alison D. Egan, Jason B. Winchester, Carl Foster, Michael R. McGuigan
2006, 05(2), 289-295

Research article
Explanatory Variance in Maximal Oxygen Uptake
Jacalyn J. Robert McComb, Daesung Roh, James S. Williams
2006, 05(2), 296-303

Research article
The Effects of Racket Inertia Tensor on Elbow Loadings and Racket Behavior for Central and Eccentric Impacts
Steven M. Nesbit, Michael Elzinga, Catherine Herchenroder, Monika Serrano
2006, 05(2), 304-317

Research article
Steeplechase Barriers Affect Women Less than Men
Iain Hunter, Tyler D. Bushnell
2006, 05(2), 318-322

Research article
An Unstable Base Alters Limb and Abdominal Activation Strategies During the Flexionrelaxation Response
David G. Behm, Sonya M. Burry, Gregory E.D. Greeley, Andrew C. Poole, Scott N. Mackinnon
2006, 05(2), 323-332

Research article
Effects of Ankle Joint Cooling on Peroneal Short Latency Response
J. Ty Hopkins, Iain Hunter, Todd McLoda
2006, 05(2), 333-339

Research article
Assessment of Short-Distance Breaststroke Swimming Performance with Critical Velocity
Daijiro Abe, Hiroaki Tokumaru, Shigemitsu Niihata, Satoshi Muraki, Yoshiyuki Fukuoka, Sachio Usui, Takayoshi Yoshida
2006, 05(2), 340-348

Research article, Young investigator
Adaptive Changes of Myosin Isoforms in Response to Long-Term Strength and Power Training in Middle-Aged Men
Raivo Puhke, Sirkka Aunola, Pirjo Ailanto, Karin Alev, Mika Venojärvi, Heikki Rusko, Teet Seene
2006, 05(2), 349-358

Research article, Young investigator
Jump Kinetic Determinants of Sprint Acceleration Performance from Starting Blocks in Male Sprinters
Peter S. Maulder, Elizabeth J. Bradshaw, Justin Keogh
2006, 05(2), 359-366

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