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June 2013 - Volume 12, Issue 2
Table of Contents
Jaime Fernandez-Fernandez
2013, 12(2), v

Review article
Nutrition for Tennis: Practical Recommendations
Mayur K. Ranchordas, David Rogersion, Alan Ruddock, Sophie C. Killer, Edward M. Winter
2013, 12(2), 211-224

Review article
Mechanics and Learning Practices Associated with the Tennis Forehand: A Review
Machar Reid, Bruce Elliott, Miguel Crespo
2013, 12(2), 225-231

Research article
Effects of A 6-Week Junior Tennis Conditioning Program on Service Velocity
Jaime Fernandez-Fernandez, Todd Ellenbecker, david Sanz-Rivas, Alexander Ulbricht, Alexander Ferrautia
2013, 12(2), 232-239

Research article
Effects of the Tennis Tournament on Players’ Physical Performance, Hormonal Responses, Muscle Damage and Recovery
Tuomo Ojala, Keijo Häkkinen
2013, 12(2), 240-248

Research article
Do High Blood Hepcidin Concentrations Contribute to Low Ferritin Levels in Young Tennis Players at the End of Tournament Season?
Ewa Ziemann, Katarzyna Kasprowicz, Anna Kasperska, Agnieszka Zembroń-Lacny, Jedrzej Antosiewicz, Radoslaw Laskowski
2013, 12(2), 249-258

Research article
Joint Kinetics to Assess the Influence of the Racket on a Tennis Player’s Shoulder
Thomas Creveaux, Raphaël Dumas, Christophe Hautier, Pierre Macé, Laurence Chèze, Isabelle Rogowski
2013, 12(2), 259-266

Research article
The Relationships Between Simulated Tennis Performance and Biomarkers for Nitric Oxide Synthesis
Tolga Akşit, Faruk Turgay, Emine Kutlay, Mehmet Z. Özkol, Faik Vural
2013, 12(2), 267-274

Research article
Movement Characteristics of Elite Tennis Players on Hard Courts with Respect to the Direction of Ground Strokes
Rafael Martínez-Gallego, José F.Guzmán, Nic James, Janez Pers, Jesús Ramón-Llin, Goran Vuckovic
2013, 12(2), 275-281

Research article
Exercise Training-Induced Changes in Inflammatory Mediators and Heat Shock Proteins in Young Tennis Players
Ewa Ziemann, Agnieszka Zembroñ-Lacny, Anna Kasperska, Jȩdrzej Antosiewicz, Tomasz Grzywacz, Tomasz Garsztka, Radoslaw Laskowski
2013, 12(2), 282-289

Research article
Sport Nutrition and Doping in Tennis: An Analysis of Athletes’ Attitudes and Knowledge
Miran Kondric, Damir Sekulic, Ognjen Uljevic, Goran Gabrilo, Milan Zvan
2013, 12(2), 290-297

Research article
The Effect of Moderate and High-Intensity Fatigue on Groundstroke Accuracy in Expert and Non-Expert Tennis Players
Mark Lyons, Yahya Al-Nakeeb, Joanne Hankey, Alan Nevill
2013, 12(2), 298-308

Research article
The Variability of the Serve Toss in Tennis Under the Influence of Artificial Crosswind
Pedro C. Mendes, Juan P. Fuentes, Rui Mendes, Fernando M.L. Martins, Filipe M. Clemente, Micael S. Couceiro
2013, 12(2), 309-315

Research article
Tennis Training Sessions as a Rehabilitation Instrument for Patients after Acute Myocardial Infarction
Juan P. F. García, Víctor M. A. Giraldo, José J. G. Barrado, César D. Casasola
2013, 12(2), 316-322

Research article
The Effects of Scaling Tennis Equipment on the Forehand Groundstroke Performance of Children
Emma J. Larson, Joshua D. Guggenheimer
2013, 12(2), 323-331

Research article
Motor Imagery and Tennis Serve Performance: The External Focus Efficacy
Aymeric Guillot, Simon Desliens, Christelle Rouyer, Isabelle Rogowski
2013, 12(2), 332-338

Research article
Pelvic Rotation and Lower Extremity Motion with Two Different Front Foot Directions in the Tennis Backhand Groundstroke
Sayumi Iwamoto, Toru Fukubayashi, Patria Hume
2013, 12(2), 339-345

Research article
On the Gender Effects of Handedness in Professional Tennis
Kristijan Breznik
2013, 12(2), 346-353

Research article
Tournament Structure and Success of Players Based on Location in Men’s Professional Tennis
Ales Filipcic, Andrej Panjan, Machar Reid, Miguel Crespo, Nejc Sarabon
2013, 12(2), 354-361

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