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September 2008 - Volume 07, Issue 3
Table of Contents
Review article
A Review of Stature, Body Mass and Maximal Oxygen Uptake Profiles of U17, U20 and First Division Players in Brazilian Soccer
Cristiano Diniz Da Silva, Jonathan Bloomfield, João Carlos Bouzas Marins
2008, 07(3), 309-319

Research article
Suitability of FIFA’s “The 11” Training Programme for Young Football Players – Impact on Physical Performance
Andrew E Kilding, Helen Tunstall, Dejan Kuzmic
2008, 07(3), 320-326

Research article
Energy Expenditure and Intensity of Physical Activity in Soccer Referees During Match-Play
Alberto Inácio da Silva, Luiz Cláudio Fernandes, Ricardo Fernandez
2008, 07(3), 327-334

Research article
Ventilation Behavior in Trained and Untrained Men During Incremental Test: Evidence of one Metabolic Transition Point
Flávio O. Pires, Adriano E. Lima-Silva, Eduardo N. Oliveira, Eduardo Rumenig-Souza, Maria A.P.D.M. Kiss
2008, 07(3), 335-343

Research article
Red Blood Cell and Whole Blood Glutathione Redox Status in Endurance-Trained Men Following a Ski Marathon
Eve Unt, Ceslava Kairane, Ivi Vaher, Mihkel Zilmer
2008, 07(3), 344-349

Research article
Ankle Taping Does Not Impair Performance in Jump or Balance Tests
Javier Abián-Vicén, Luis M. Alegre, J. Manuel Fernández-Rodríguez, Amador J. Lara, Marta Meana, Xavier Aguado
2008, 07(3), 350-356

Research article
A Multi-Stage Ultra-Endurance Run over 1,200 KM Leads to a Continuous Accumulation of Total Body Water
Beat Knechtle, Brida Duff, Ingo Schulze, Götz Kohler
2008, 07(3), 357-364

Research article
Capsaicin Supplementation Fails to Modulate Autonomic and Cardiac Electrophysiologic Activity During Exercise in the Obese: with Variants of UCP2 and UCP3 Polymorphism
Ki Ok Shin, Toshio Moritani
2008, 07(3), 365-370

Research article
The Effect Of Different Corrective Feedback Methods on the Outcome and Self Confidence of Young Athletes
George Tzetzis, Evandros Votsis, Thomas Kourtessis
2008, 07(3), 371-378

Research article
The Kinetics and Stiffness Characteristics of the Lower Extremity in Older Adults During Vertical Jumping
2008, 07(3), 379-386

Research article
The Effects of Cold Whirlpool on Power, Speed, Agility, and Range of Motion
Stephen M. Patterson, Brian E. Udermann, Scott T. Doberstein, David M. Reineke
2008, 07(3), 387-394

Research article
The Role of Active Muscle Mass on Exercise-Induced Cardiovascular Drift
Stylianos N. Kounalakis, George P. Nassis, Maria D. Koskolou, Nickos D. Geladas
2008, 07(3), 395-401

Research article
Athlete’s Retention of a Coach’s Instruction Before a Judo Competition
Isabel Mesquita, Antonio Rosado, Nuno Januário, Elsa Barroja
2008, 07(3), 402-407

Research article
Low Handicap Golfers Generate More Torque at the Shoe-Natural Grass Interface When Using a Driver
Paul Worsfold, Neal A. Smith, Rosemary J. Dyson
2008, 07(3), 408-414

Case report
Recovery of Bone Mineral Density and Fertility in a Former Amenorrheic Athlete
Karen Hind
2008, 07(3), 415-418

Letter to editor
Stress Fracture Prevalence in Elite Figure Skaters
Sanda Dubravcic-Simunjak, Harm Kuipers, Jane MORAN, Marko PEĆINA, Boris ŠIMUNJAK, Ruben AMBARTSUMOV, Hiroya SAKAI, David MITCHEL, Joel SHOBE
2008, 07(3), 419-420

Book review
Andy Lane
2008, 07(3), 421

Book review
Youlian Hong
2008, 07(3), 422

Book review
Bernard R. Bach, Jr. and Nikhil N. Verma; series editor: Bernard R. Bach, Jr
2008, 07(3), 423

Book review
Freddie H. Fu and Steven B. Cohen
2008, 07(3), 424

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