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September 2014 - Volume 13, Issue 3
Table of Contents
Research article
Effects of Instability Versus Traditional Resistance Training on Strength, Power and Velocity in Untrained Men
José Luis Maté-Muñoz, Antonio J. Antón Monroy, Pablo Jodra Jiménez, Manuel V. Garnacho-Castaño
2014, 13(3), 460-468

Research article
Sodium Phosphate Supplementation and Time Trial Performance in Female Cyclists
Christopher L. Buck, Brian Dawson, Kym J. Guelfi, Lars McNaughton, Karen E. Wallman
2014, 13(3), 469-475

Research article
Predicting Changes in High-Intensity Intermittent Running Performance with Acute Responses to Short Jump Rope Workouts in Children
Martin Buchheit, Alireza Rabbani, Hamid Taghi Beigi
2014, 13(3), 476-482

Research article
Do Changes in Muscle Architecture Affect Post-Activation Potentiation?
Danielle Reardon, Jay R. Hoffman, Gerald T. Mangine, Adam J. Wells, Adam M. Gonzalez, Adam R. Jajtner, Jeremy R. Townsend, William P. McCormack, Jeffrey R. Stout, Maren S. Fragala, David H. Fukuda
2014, 13(3), 483-492

Research article
Muscle Fiber Characteristics, Satellite Cells and Soccer Performance in Young Athletes
Thomas I. Metaxas, Athanasios Mandroukas, Efstratios Vamvakoudis, Kostas Kotoglou, Björn Ekblom, Konstantinos Mandroukas
2014, 13(3), 493-501

Research article
Muscle Activation during Push-Ups with Different Suspension Training Systems
Joaquin Calatayud, Sebastien Borreani, Juan C. Colado, Fernando F Martín, Michael E. Rogers, David G. Behm, Lars L. Andersen
2014, 13(3), 502-510

Research article
Effect of Load on Peak Power of the Bar, Body and System during the Deadlift
Justin A. Blatnik, Courtney L. Goodman, Christopher R. Capps, Olumide O. Awelewa, Travis N. Triplett, Travis M. Erickson, Jeffery M. McBride
2014, 13(3), 511-515

Research article
Reduction of Environmental Temperature Mitigates Local Anesthetic Cytotoxicity in Bovine Articular Chondrocytes
Tarik Onur, Alexis Dang
2014, 13(3), 516-521

Research article
Do Parents’ Exercise Habits Predict 13–18-Year-Old Adolescents’ Involvement in Sport?
Saulius Sukys, Daiva Majauskienė, Vida J. Cesnaitiene, Diana Karanauskiene
2014, 13(3), 522-528

Research article
Effect of Sodium Phosphate Supplementation on Cycling Time Trial Performance and VO2 1 and 8 Days Post Loading
Cameron P. Brewer, Brian Dawson, Karen E. Wallman, Kym J. Guelfi
2014, 13(3), 529-534

Research article
Ultra-Short-Term Heart Rate Variability Indexes at Rest and Post-Exercise in Athletes: Evaluating the Agreement with Accepted Recommendations
Michael R. Esco, Andrew A. Flatt
2014, 13(3), 535-541

Research article
Development and Validity of a Scale of Perception of Velocity in Resistance Exercise
Iker J. Bautista, Ignacio J. Chirosa, Luis J. Chirosa, Ignacio Martín, Andrés González, Robert J. Robertson
2014, 13(3), 542-549

Research article
Relationship Between Sprint Performance of Front Crawl Swimming and Muscle Fascicle Length in Young Swimmers
Alireza Nasirzade, Alireza Ehsanbakhsh, Saeed Ilbeygi, Azadeh Sobhkhiz, Hamed Argavani, Mehdi Aliakbari
2014, 13(3), 550-556

Research article
Momentum and Kinetic Energy Before the Tackle in Rugby Union
Sharief Hendricks, David Karpul, Mike Lambert
2014, 13(3), 557-563

Research article
The Acute Effects of Unilateral Ankle Plantar Flexors Static- Stretching on Postural Sway and Gastrocnemius Muscle Activity During Single-Leg Balance Tasks
Bráulio N. Lima, Paulo R.G. Lucareli, Willy A. Gomes, Josinaldo J. Silva, Andre S. Bley, Erin H. Hartigan, Paulo H. Marchetti
2014, 13(3), 564-570

Research article
Sensitivity of Physiological and Psychological Markers to Training Load Intensification in Volleyball Players
Victor H. Freitas, Fabio Y. Nakamura, Bernardo Miloski, Dietmar Samulski, Mauricio G. Bara-Filho
2014, 13(3), 571-579

Research article
Whole Body Vibration Exercise Protocol versus a Standard Exercise Protocol after ACL Reconstruction: A Clinical Randomized Controlled Trial with Short Term Follow-Up
Gereon Berschin, Björn Sommer, Antje Behrens, Hans-Martin Sommer
2014, 13(3), 580-589

Research article
Physical Fitness Measures as Potential Markers of Low Cognitive Function in Japanese Community-Dwelling Older Adults without Apparent Cognitive Problems
Kenji Narazaki, Eri Matsuo, Takanori Honda, Yu Nofuji, Koji Yonemoto, Shuzo Kumagai
2014, 13(3), 590-596

Case report
Resistance Training with Instability in Multiple System Atrophy: A Case Report
Carla Silva-Batista, Hélcio Kanegusuku, Hamilton Roschel, Eduardo O. Souza, Telma F. Cunha, Gilberto C. Laurentino, N. Manoel, Marco T. De Mello, Maria E.P. Piemonte, Patrícia C. Brum, Claudia L. Forjaz, Valmor Tricoli, Carlos Ugrinowitsch
2014, 13(3), 597-603

Research article
Early Adaptations to Six Weeks of Non-Periodized and Periodized Strength Training Regimens in Recreational Males
Eduardo O. Souza, Carlos Ugrinowitsch, Valmor Tricoli, Hamilton Roschel, Ryan P. Lowery, André Y. Aihara, Alberto R.S. Leão, Jacob M. Wilson
2014, 13(3), 604-609

Research article
Kinematical Analysis along Maximal Lactate Steady State Swimming Intensity
Pedro Figueiredo, Rafael Nazario, Marisa Sousa, Jailton Gregório Pelarigo, João Paulo Vilas-Boas, Ricardo Fernandes
2014, 13(3), 610-615

Research article
The Effects of Cold Water Immersion after Rugby Training on Muscle Power and Biochemical Markers
Masaki Takeda, Takashi Sato, Tatsushi Hasegawa, Hiroto Shintaku, Hisashi Kato, Yoshihiko Yamaguchi, Zsolt Radak
2014, 13(3), 616-623

Research article
Low-Volume Walking Program Improves Cardiovascular-Related Health in Older Adults
Jong-Hwan Park, Masashi Miyashita, Masaki Takahashi, Noriaki Kawanishi, Harumi Hayashida, Hyun-Shik Kim, Katsuhiko Suzuki, Yoshio Nakamura
2014, 13(3), 624-631

Case report
Biochemical and Hematological Changes Following the 120-Km Open-Water Marathon Swim
Wojciech Drygas, Ewa Rębowska, Ewa Stępień, Jacek Golański, Magdalena Kwaśniewska
2014, 13(3), 632-637

Research article
Sport Psychology Service Provision: Preferences for Consultant Characteristics and Mode of Delivery among Elite Malaysian Athletes
Vellapandian Ponnusamy, J. Robert Grove
2014, 13(3), 638-644

Research article
Parental Activity as Influence on Childrenˋs BMI Percentiles and Physical Activity
Nanette Erkelenz, Susanne Kobel, Sarah Kettner, Clemens Drenowatz, Jürgen M. Steinacker and the Research Group "Join the Healthy Boat - Primary School"
2014, 13(3), 645-650

Research article
Automated Identification and Evaluation of Subtechniques in Classical-Style Roller Skiing
Yoshihisa Sakurai, Zenya Fujita, Yusuke Ishige
2014, 13(3), 651-657

Research article
Physical and Temporal Characteristics of Under 19, Under 21 and Senior Male Beach Volleyball Players
Alexandre Medeiros, Rui Marcelino, Isabel Mesquita, José Manuel Palao
2014, 13(3), 658-665

Case report
Training Diaries during Altitude Training Camp in Two Olympic Champions: An Observational Case Study
Lorenzo Pugliese, Fabio R. Serpiello, Grégoire P. Millet, Antonio La Torre
2014, 13(3), 666-672

Research article
Kinesio Taping in Young Healthy Subjects Does Not Affect Postural Reflex Reactions and Anticipatory Postural Adjustments of the Trunk: A Pilot Study
Matej Voglar, Nejc Sarabon
2014, 13(3), 673-679

Research article
Effects of Resistance Training on Muscle Strength, Endurance, and Motor Unit According to Ciliary Neurotrophic Factor Polymorphism in Male College Students
Ae-Rim Hong, Sang-Min Hong, Yun-A Shin
2014, 13(3), 680-688

Research article
Comparison of Oxygen Consumption in Rats During Uphill (Concentric) and Downhill (Eccentric) Treadmill Exercise Tests
Vivien Chavanelle, Pascal Sirvent, Gaël Ennequin, Kévin Caillaud, Christophe Montaurier, Béatrice Morio, Nathalie Boisseau, Ruddy Richard
2014, 13(3), 689-694

Research article
Temperature Control of Hypertensive Rats during Moderate Exercise in Warm Environment
Helton O. Campos, Laura H.R. Leite, Lucas R. Drummond, Daise N.Q. Cunha, Cândido C. Coimbra, Antônio J. Natali, Thales N. Prímola-Gomes
2014, 13(3), 695-701

Research article
Is Moderate Intensity Exercise Training Combined with High Intensity Interval Training More Effective at Improving Cardiorespiratory Fitness than Moderate Intensity Exercise Training Alone?
Brendon H. Roxburgh, Paul B. Nolan, Ryan M. Weatherwax, Lance C. Dalleck
2014, 13(3), 702-707

Research article
Sex-Based Effects on Immune Changes Induced by a Maximal Incremental Exercise Test in Well-Trained Swimmers
José P. Morgado, Cristina P. Monteiro, Catarina N. Matias, Francisco Alves, Pedro Pessoa, Joana Reis, Fátima Martins, Teresa Seixas, Maria J. Laires
2014, 13(3), 708-714

Letter to editor
Theoretical Model Describing the Relationship between the Number of Tackles in Which A Player Engages, Tackle Injury Risk and Tackle Performance
Sharief Hendricks, Mike I. Lambert
2014, 13(3), 715-717

Letter to editor
The Effects of Transmeridian Travel and Altitude on Sleep: Preparation for Football Competition
Michele Lastella, Gregory D. Roach, Shona L. Halson, Christopher J. Gore, Laura A. Garvican-Lewis, Charli Sargent
2014, 13(3), 718-720

Letter to editor
Return-To-Play Criteria after Hamstring Injury: Actual Medicine Practice in Professional Soccer Teams
François Delvaux, Pierre Rochcongar, Olivier Bruyère, Guillaume Bourlet, Christophe Daniel, Pierre Diverse, Jean-Yves Reginster, Jean-Louis Croisier
2014, 13(3), 721-723

Book review
Sports Nutrition for Paralympic Athletes
Elizabeth Broad
2014, 13(3), iii

Book review
DeLee & Drez's Orthopaedic Sports Medicine: Principles and Practice, 4th edition
Mark D. Miller and Stephen R. Thompson
2014, 13(3), iv

Book review
Progress in Neurological Surgery: Concussion
A. Niranjan and L.D. Lunsford
2014, 13(3), v

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