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Journal of Sports Science and Medicine
Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (JSSM) is a nonprofit scientific electronic journal, publishing research and case studies, and review article in the fields of sports medicine and exercise sciences. JSSM is an open access journal which means that all content is freely available without charge to the user or his/her institution. Users are allowed to read, download, copy, print, search, or link to the full texts of the articles, or use them for any other lawful purpose, without asking prior permission from the publisher or the author. This is in accordance with the BOAI definition of open access. JSSM is published quarterly in March, June, September and December. JSSM also publishes editorials, letter to editors, abstracts of congress, panel, conference and symposium, and can function as an open discussion forum on significant issues in the sports medicine and exercise sciences. Articles written in English should be sent to JSSM. The journal content could be presented not only in print (pdf format) but also through the use of video, audio and interactive software since it is being published as an electronic journal. Authors, therefore, are encouraged to submit articles those use all appropriate media. The JSSM does not accept descriptive studies or data reports and manuscript which has been published on preprint servers. The manuscript will also not be accepted without statistical power analysis.
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The Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (JSSM) is a non-profit making scientific electronic journal, publishing research and review articles, together with case studies, in the fields of sports medicine and the exercise sciences... Read More»
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December 2023 - Volume 22, Issue 4, Table of Contents Current Issue
Research article
Effects of a Home-Based Stretching Program on Bench Press Maximum Strength and Shoulder Flexibility
Konstantin Warneke, Martin Hillebrecht, Enno Claassen-Helmers, Tim Wohlann, Michael Keiner, David G. Behm
2023, 22(4), 597-604 DOI:

Research article
Physiological and Biochemical Adaptations to a Sport-Specific Sprint Interval Training in Male Basketball Athletes
Tao Song, Jilikeha, Yujie Deng
2023, 22(4), 605-613 DOI:

Research article
Adequate Interval between Matches in Elite Female Soccer Players
Trevor C. Chen, Tai-Ying Chou, Kazunori Nosaka
2023, 22(4), 614-625 DOI:

Research article
Acute and Prolonged Effects of 300 sec of Static, Dynamic, and Combined Stretching on Flexibility and Muscle Force
Shingo Matsuo, Masahiro Iwata, Manabu Miyazaki, Taizan Fukaya, Eiji Yamanaka, Kentaro Nagata, Wakako Tsuchida, Yuji Asai, Shigeyuki Suzuki
2023, 22(4), 626-636 DOI:

Research article
Team Cohesion Profiles: Influence on the Development of Mental Skills and Stress Management
Amaia Ramírez Muñoz, Marta Vega-Díaz, Higinio González-García
2023, 22(4), 637-644 DOI:

Research article
The Effect of a Balance Training Program on the Balance and Technical Skills of Adolescent Soccer Players
Ioannis Mitrousis, Dimitrios I. Bourdas, Stylianos Kounalakis, Evangelos Bekris, Michael Mitrotasios, Νikolaos Kostopoulos, Ioannis E. Ktistakis, Emmanouil Zacharakis
2023, 22(4), 645-657 DOI:

Research article
Validation of Polar Grit X Pro for Estimating Energy Expenditure during Military Field Training: A Pilot Study
Emily B. Kloss, Andrea Givens, Laura Palombo, Jake Bernards, Brenda Niederberger, Daniel W. Bennett, Karen R. Kelly
2023, 22(4), 658-666 DOI:

Research article
Technical and Tactical Actions of the World’s Leading Male Table Tennis Players Between 1970 and 2021
Jerzy Grycan, Małgorzata Kołodziej, Ziemowit Bańkosz
2023, 22(4), 667-680 DOI:

Research article
Acute Effects of Different Foam Roller Intervention Techniques on Knee Extensors
Kazuki Kasahara, Andreas Konrad, Yuta Murakami, Riku Yoshida, Ewan Thomas, Masatoshi Nakamura
2023, 22(4), 681-687 DOI:

Research article
A Preliminary Investigation into the Frequency Dose Effects of High-Intensity Functional Training on Cardiometabolic Health
Leslie E. Smith, Gary P. Van Guilder, Lance C. Dalleck, Nicole R. Lewis, Allison G. Dages, Nigel K. Harris
2023, 22(4), 688-699 DOI:

Research article
The Relative Age Effect in the Two Professional Men's Football Leagues in Spain
José M. Yagüe, Alfonso Salguero, Antonio Villegas, Joaquín Sánchez-Molina, Olga Molinero
2023, 22(4), 700-706 DOI:

Research article
The Success Factors of Rest Defense in Soccer – A Mixed-Methods Approach of Expert Interviews, Tracking Data, and Machine Learning
Leander Forcher, Leon Forcher, Stefan Altmann, Darko Jekauc, Matthias Kempe
2023, 22(4), 707-725 DOI:

Research article
Energetic and Cognitive Demands of Treading Water: Effects of Technique and Expertise
Tina van Duijn, Chris Button, James D. Cotter, Rich S. W. Masters
2023, 22(4), 726-738 DOI:

Research article
Diving into Recovery. The Effects of Different Post-Competition Protocols for Enhancing Physio-Psychological Parameters in National Level Youth Swimmers
Vincenzo Sorgente, Alejandro Lopez-Hernandez, Diego Minciacchi, José María González Ravé
2023, 22(4), 739-747 DOI:

Review article
Exploring the Epidemiology of Injuries in Athletes of the Olympic Winter Games: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Wanli Zang, Mingqing Fang, Xianzuo Zhang, Ningkun Xiao, Su Wang, Liang Mu
2023, 22(4), 748-759 DOI:

Research article
Adaptations to Optimized Interval Training in Soccer Players: A Comparative Analysis of Standardized Methods for Individualizing Interval Interventions
Lu Dai, Bixia Xie
2023, 22(4), 760-768 DOI:

Research article
Comparing the Effects of Static Stretching Alone and in Combination with Post-Activation Performance Enhancement on Squat Jump Performance at Different Knee Starting Angles
Ming Li, Xiangwei Meng, Lihao Guan, Youngsuk Kim, Sukwon Kim
2023, 22(4), 769-777 DOI:

Research article
Effects of Expertise on Muscle Activity during the Hang Power Clean and Hang Power Snatch Compared to Snatch and Clean Pulls – An Explorative Analysis
Stephan Geisler, Tim Havers, Eduard Isenmann, Jonas Schulze, Leonie K. Lourens, Jannik Nowak, Steffen Held, G. Gregory Haff
2023, 22(4), 778-789 DOI:

Research article
A New Index to Evaluate Running Coordination Based on Notational Analysis
Jesús Martínez-Sobrino, José Antonio Navia, Juan Del Campo-Vecino, Pedro Jiménez-Reyes, Santiago Veiga-Fernández
2023, 22(4), 790-796 DOI:

Research article
Relationships between Changes in Muscle Shear Modulus, Urinary Titin N- Terminal Fragment, and Maximum Voluntary Contraction Torque after Eccentric Exercise of the Elbow Flexors
Takayuki Inami, Shota Yamaguchi, Takuya Nishioka, Hiroyuki Ishida, Akihisa Morito, Satoshi Yamada, Naoya Nagata, Mitsuyoshi Murayama
2023, 22(4), 797-805 DOI:

Research article
Acute Effects of Fatigue on Cardiac Autonomic Nervous Activity
Yan Chen, Meng Liu, Jun Zhou, Dapeng Bao, Bin Li, Junhong Zhou
2023, 22(4), 806-815 DOI:


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